Walking on water? Or stuck in the mud?

photo (28)   Why did the Jewish people, newly freed from the Egyptians, flee across the parted red sea?

I believe it was out of Fear.  Fear drove them into the sea and got them across allowing them to see the destruction of their oppressors.  Shortly there after they went back to their whining, doubting ways.  If we are motivated by fear we will have the motivation to get away from something, but then what?  What are you running into? When in that heightened state of fear we are only acting on instinct of escape, we have no thoughts of the future.  We run and crash and run and crash over and over.

In contrast look at Matthew 14: 22-32.

Jesus has just fed the 5,000 and goes to recharge with His Father in prayer.  He sends His disciples ahead of Him.  In the early morning or during bible times they would say in the watching hours of the night.  Jesus is seen walking on the water toward them.  The disciples are frightened believing that they are seeing a ghost.  The bible describes wind and waves and an atmosphere of fear.  Yet,Peter!  Peter calls to the Lord and says if its you call me and I will come.  Peter is looking forward, focusing on, running to something, toward a future, toward the only hope of mankind.  His intensity of desire and love for something more, something only Jesus can give, drives him forward. I believe because of his faith he knew full well the wind and waves were there but stepped out anyway, walking toward Jesus.  The bible doesn’t say how far he got that’s all speculation.  It could have been two steps or it could have been 1/4 of a mile.  We don’t know, we only know his focus on Jesus was lost and he began to fear because he looked at the world.  I look at the world and also know fear.  Peter triumphed over all the other disciples then and now, and walked on water, the only all human to do so.  When we step out on the water and trust, really trust Jesus we triumph.

Don’t concentrate on the world, don’t even concentrate on how far Jesus is away from you.  Focus, focus only on Your Savior and He will sustain you and He will pull you up when you fall.  Then you will not only live, but triumph! You will be able to do things, through Christ, that aren’t humanely possible.  Then and now God is a God of miracles.

Pray: Lord Jesus I trust in You.  I trust that You and You alone can save me.  Help me to not concentrate on this world, but to focus on You Jesus.  Give me a hunger for You.  A hunger rarely seen in this world.  My love for You is the only thing that sustains me.  Jesus sometimes I want to curl up into a ball.  Help me to run toward You, across water, waves and storms.  I commit my life to You.  Direct my feet onto Your path.  You say that the road to heaven is narrow and few find it.  Lord Jesus help me to find it and bind my feet, tongue, heart and will onto Your path.  Jesus thank You.  I am fearful and weak without You.  Sustain my heart, Jesus.  I love you, your daughter Heather.