So simple

“Wow love what you are doing with your hair!” What an awesome pick me up. It takes only a few seconds but what a return on your time. We can uplift, enlighten, elevate and nurture or we can destroy or break down. It only takes a second.

There are a lot of mind-grueling, exhausting moments in a mother’s life.  I have personally been brought back from the brink, with a simple smile, an offer to hold a baby or even someone taking my cart back for me at Walmart.  I am going to challenge myself this next week to do 2 things a day to brighten someone’s life.  I will report back my finding and reactions in the next blog.

We are uplifted with a simple comment on our physical appearance how much more would we be emotionally transformed if and when we receive a compliment on our inner beings.  When someone who truly knows you makes a comment about your soul it leaves you breathless and awed to be privy to their inner thoughts and leveled with thanksgiving for their trust and companionship.   I am in a bible study and one of the questions asked was, “What would your closest friends say is driving your life?” I asked four people, three said, “Christ” and the fourth said,”Your children”.  To be told Christ was driving my life was the greatest compliment I have ever received.  My greatest calling is to be a mother so for my friend to believe that I was living out this calling as the primary drive of my life left me feeling supported and encouraged.  I felt that what I was doing was noticed and appreciated.

Pray: Lord we want to uplift and not break down. But sometimes are hearts are far from our mouths. Help us to immediately ask for forgiveness and an opportunity to correct our destructive words.  I pray for you to give me opportunities in my daily life to uplift.  Lord Jesus help us to remember that your Godly calling on our life is to support and love like You do.  Help us to dig deep and release the love that you have stored within us.

Love, your daughter Amen.

Pray: Lord Jesus what do you think about me?  Can you show me in a tangible way that I am noticed and loved.  I need your companionship and support in my life.  I love you, Amen.

1 Thessalonians 5:11,Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing (NIV).

For the father of my children: The spiritual leader of our household






photo (23)For the father of my children:

The fullness of time has come for you.  You have entered your calling to be a father.

How do I know you are called?  God created you for His good purposes.  These good purposes were created for you and you alone.  No one else can stand in your place as their father.  Your children are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God chose you and your wife to mold these amazing beings.  Only you can stand, as their father.  No one else can protect and love them like God created you to do.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4:10.  Go to the Lord, surrender and request your weapons of war. The maker of the universe will equip you. See Ephesians 6:10-18.


As the spiritual leader of my household I claim authority over my family.  I cover them in the blood of the Lamb.

I load my arrow with prayers of strength, unity and power and light them afire with the Holy Spirit’s presence.

I aim into the future with perfect precision that comes from surrendering to God’s will.  As I take aim I look to the right and left to thwart the attack of the evil one.

One deep breath in, exhaling it slowly I call on the name of Jesus my Savior, I release the arrow knowing it will hit its mark. The Lord made straight its path into the future.

I am the spiritual leader of my household and I claim authority over my family.  I surrender, and stand under the banner of Jesus Christ Savior of the world.  I am not of this world, I am a son of the God most high.

You Lord, designed my journey before time began and only my feet can walk on the path you created for me. Equip me Lord Jesus for the privilege of being a father, their defender.

Thank you, Your warrior in Christ.


Messy Motherhood!!!!

For those of you worried that you aren’t organized enough, clean enough, stylish or even fun anymore.  Remember your kids aren’t interested in how you look or how much is on the calendar.  They are interested in time with you.

When I asked my kids what was some of their favorite moments I got enlightening responses.

Their favorite recent adventure was the unexpected beach moment.  We had no towels, no sun and no swimsuits.  We were driving around trying to find a new beach for next weekend and low and behold we found it.  So what could we do but dive in without swimsuits.  It hadn’t quite rained yet but was dark and promising a down pour.  The water was cool but the temperature was in the 90’s.  No sooner had we waved everyone into the water, when it began to thunder.  With no towels we had to dance in the rain and splash in the water puddles to get off all the sand.   The kids sat on their or their father’s shirts and we laughed the whole way home remembering how ridiculous we looked dancing and shaking in the rain.


Lord Jesus help me to remember to put fun into our lives this summer.  Help my family and I to seize joy in every moment we can.  You in-trusted us with our children help us to appreciate the blessings You gave us. Help us to see the precious moments as they unfold and guard them within our hearts. God you are great in all You do.  We love and need You in our lives. amen.