Whose telling?



If we aren’t telling who is? The truth is no one. This should scare you into action. We live in a world with so many people lost, hurting and turned away from the Light, the source of their salvation. Who can reveal the Light?  Who can tell them the importance of forgiving those who hurt them?

The world tells them they are their own savior.

The world tells them they have failed, but pretend its all okay.

The world tells them to seek revenge on those who offend or pain them.


Are you willing to shut your mouth and keep Your Savior hidden?  Are you willing to cling to your unforgiveness instead of seeking the healing Christ died for?

Don’t let those you love only hear from the world. Show them first how to forgive and love in your actions toward them. Do not try to talk of His love while you hold a grudge your unrighteous heart will not bring Him glory.

Choose forgiveness,  Choose to speak of Your Savior,   

Choose joy instead of revenge.


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I actively forgive those who ridicule, persecute and slander me. You are greater than all their hatred. I refuse to live a life of unforgiveness leading to sickness and ultimately death in the physical and spiritual.  I choose life. I choose salvation. Show me what I am choosing.  Grant me special revelation of the glory of God. I praise You and worship Your holy name. King Jesus.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash





Crazy? or joy-filled?


I never have been one to get upset when my children display their uniqueness to the world in how they dress.  Instead, I rejoice in their joy and envy their courage. My four year old shown above has on a tutu and Santa socks pulled all the way up to show off their awesomeness. My other daughter went through a one and half week phase of dressing like a dinosaur complete with a hood and very long tail (it was very difficult to get her into her car seat)

As the mother, I suppose I am the one who is supposed to be teaching them but more often than not I am humbled by what they teach me.

I praise God for allowing me to be their mother. What a privilege.

I wonder if God feels the same way when He sees us do scary or unusual things out of obedience to Him. I believe He does a mixture of pride, chuckle and “way to go kid”.

All your children will be taught by the Lord,
    and great will be their peace. Isaiah 54:13

Of all the things I could pray for my little wild gifts, it would be this.



Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for my children. I do not deserve their sweet presence in my life. I agree with Your Word that all my children will be taught by the Lord and great will be their peace, I pray this over my children and children’s children. Grant them joy in their everyday life, peace in times of trouble and wisdom that only comes from You. Embolden them to fearlessly pursuit Your heart. I plead the blood of the Lamb over all my children. Let Your will be done in their lives. Thank You, Jesus. Amen

All wrapped up- or not?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash                                  My photo of the actual state of my decorating.


The person on the left has it all together matching, perfectly wrapped presents under a pristinely decorated tree.  Meanwhile, my decorations are in a pile, inside a box, clearly not on my tree.

Maybe Christmas preparations aren’t about perfection but in fact are more about honesty and vulnerability in front of the Lord. Maybe it’s not about wrapping it all up perfectly but maybe it’s about unwrapping our hearts and allowing God to deal with our hurts without our pretty little masks of perfect boxes tied up just so.

We don’t have it all together and I for one am tired of pretending. Mothers, sisters, and brothers let the Lord be Lord in your life and let Christmas be Christmas.  A time of humble glory and quiet reflection. You are not perfect and neither am I, but we know someone who is.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You know my mess and love my heart. You are mightier than anything I have got myself into. You are faithful to rescue me and gently remind me that you didn’t just come as a baby and die on a cross but that you are a living God, righteous and holy and more than capable of healing my heart. Search my heart Lord, know me. Unwrap my silly pretensions and let me rest in Your glory.  Thank You, Jesus. Amen.