Does Prayer Work?!!!

Does Prayer Work?!!


People always tell you that prayer works with a wonderful gleam in their eyes. Do you ever wonder why the gleam? My husband and I found out the hard way. Let me reveal this sordid story, one thought at a time.

Recently the Lord had been revealing to me that I was not good at the act of trusting. Okay, truth told I stink at it and avoid it at all cost. Someone else might call that controlling and self-centered, they would be correct. Wanting to improve my Christian walk and seeing God’s point in the whole idea that you can’t really advance the Kingdom of God if you can’t even talk to other Christians, I began to work.

John and I prayed in agreement together every night. That right there should start some of you seasoned Christians to start giggling with anticipation of what would be delivered to us at our very request. We prayed, Lord Jesus give us divine revelation as to where we do not trust. Bam! the flood gates started opening.


Working on yourself, to clear out your own garbage to increase in the Lord is messy, painful work. We were in a pile of it. Misunderstood conversations at church, loved co-workers leaving, financial strain, witnessing juvenile conduct of grown women at my children’s events, my husband’s job insecurity. Literally in all aspects of my life I began to encounter shaky, unstable relationships that left me wanting to hide. After two straight weeks of the insanity I finally stopped in mid prayer with the sudden realization that prayer works.

God is faithful to complete the good works He has started in you. Are you faithful to work out your part of it? I would have to give myself an A on some of my stretching relationship issues but at best a D for others. I don’t have to worry though, because God is faithful and I can rest assured that He will provide me with more stretching, painful, ugly and dirty issues to deal with.

Sanctification isn’t pretty.   There can be no doubt- Prayer works!!!!!!!


Before you pray, remember you were warned! prayer works.

Lord Jesus,  I surrender myself entirely to you.  You say that you are faithful to finish the good work that you have started in me.  I know there is a lot of work to do.  I commit myself to Your cleaning process.  Help me Lord Jesus to have the strength to complete the work you have laid out for me.  I trust and love you, Jesus.  Thank you, Amen.

If anyone has any stories of answered prayers feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Slow trickle


An anticipatory flutter begin in my heart and intensified to a jackhammers pace, as my foot touched the pavement and I felt the vibration and power.  Niagara Falls, came fully into view as my vision crashed straight into my physical being, I was overwhelmed and fell to my knees crying. The power and majesty was undeniably a gift from God.  Words can not describe God’s power but this vision and its sheer physical presence, reduced all denials of God’s existence and power to rubble.

When it is not the tourist season, they reduce the amount of water flowing over the Niagara Falls.  For very practical reasons they reduce the falls power, to make it more manageable to harness the resource of water for their own desires.  I restrict God’s power and might in my life.  For practical reasons of course.  I reduce God to make Him more manageable, understandable and less breathtaking.  Just to catch my breathe I say, just for a little bit till I have more time or maybe when I gain more faith, I will let God’s full majesty roar.

I’ve decided to open up the floodgates.

Pray: Lord Jesus overwhelm me.  I have no desire to live my life without your power and might.  I don’t want practical any more I want Your fire and power, Your indwelling Presence overwhelming my human desires.  I desire to place you on your rightful throne at the center of my life.  Wherever your sweeping force takes me I will go.  Send me and empower me, I’m lost without your guidance.  Lord Jesus open up the floodgates of heaven send down your blessing and favor but also your fire to remove my impurities.  I desire more of you and less of me.  I can not become, what you created me to be, without your rod and staff, I submit to it now.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen.