Does the beach make everything better?


Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

I’m pretty sure it can. The beach I frequent with my children doesn’t look like this but it still has its magical qualities. Children once fighting—cease. Mothers feeling trapped and anxious by overcrowding laundry are suddenly peaceful. Worries and strife forgotten at least for a little while. And don’t we all love that they come home exhausted!

Time in nature has a great ability to clear your head.

Lapping water mesmerizes, peace interrupted by squeals of laughter and peppered with mother’s chatter of “Don’t go out so far.” “Come back.” It all makes me smile and thank God for His gifts. I am humbled to be a cherished part of His creation.

Have you ever wondered why God made such beauty? Was it just for us to enjoy? Did He have in mind the calming quality of a magnificent view or did He want a physical reminder of the shadow of the beauty of Heaven? It’s wild to think the beauty on earth has no comparison to the views in Heaven.

Prayer: God, You are magnificent in all Your ways. You didn’t need to create Your world with such beauty but You did. Your generosity is unmatched. The glory of Heaven foretold in the beauty here on earth. We enjoy watching our children delighted. It is obvious You delight in our pleasure as we experience Your world. Remind us of Heaven when our hearts are heavy. Bring to mind the sunshine’s sparkle on the waves when we lack joy. Your faithfulness to us is great. Increase our faith in You. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.