Careening around a corner the windshield wipers frantic in their pursuit of clear vision, the sun exploded in front of my eyes.  So intent on survival in the down pour, the sudden bright illumination confounded me.  What was that?  I have been in a place of strife and confusion as the Lord is shifting my life.  This movement and change has left me desperate for clear vision.  The sudden fulfillment of this desire was blinding.  The Lord had allowed me to experience a period of downpour, disillusionment and angst in order to demonstrate His glory and perfect vision,-when the light crashed in.


I am a slow learner and require extreme contrasts in order to experience revelation.  I needed to be in a season of storms in order for the Lord to work out of me, self-reliance.  I have been in a holding pattern as I await the Lord’s movement.  There is nothing like waiting for the Lord, that brings out my innate desire to want to jump at relief.   Some sort of movement to ease the pain of waiting.  This has been an almost un-bearable time of trusting and waiting.

Then God showed up.  Mountains were leveled.  Things I believed were insurmountable, gone wiped out.  The sonic boom of God’s being enters, before His Presence ever fully manifests.  Every knee will bow, this isn’t just for some future day.  This is for today.  Choose to bow your knee to the Lord.  Someday every knee will bow- there will be no choice.  Choose to do so with ridiculous faith in the face of your current mess.  There are many things that will be accomplished within us when we reach the other side of heaven.  The only thing that can be accomplished on earth that cannot be accomplished in heaven is acting on our faith.  In heaven our faith will be sight, there will be no opportunities to ‘act in faith’.  Go ahead, be bold in your obedience and faith walk.    Whether your boldness must come in the form of submissive waiting or with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, fully drawn and ready for combat. God will provide our circumstances, we must mix in our obedience and the beauty of this combined work will be a demonstration of faith.

I pray your faith will be bold!


Prayer: Lord Jesus you know our hearts; both its treachery and beauty.  Restore our hearts to their creation design.   Show us that next step.  Create the path and we will walk it. We declare and proclaim that we will live our faith boldly.  Give us the strength to do so. Thank you for being faithful to work out, from within us, what is holding us back from a deeper relationship with You.    Thank you, Jesus Amen.