Unite, Unite, Unite! Jew and Christian

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Unite, Unite Oh People of God, Yeshua has risen and is speaking to His people. No eye can shut out or ear fail to hear His glorious booming.  Creation of life and fulfillment with a whisper of His breath.  His breathe within you combined, united with the Holy Spirit to fulfill all of the Father God’s purposes.  Who can deny the rightful King? None. All knee and heart shall bow obedient to His master, Creator.  All praise and glory and honor to the King.

Unite and glorify, Unite and glorify, Unite and glorify Your King!  Israel come and see who sits on the throne.  Tall and with great fire and power and strength.  I cannot see but His feet strong and true.  Who shall come before Him? None,   but His son to plead your cause. Night and day.  Torn curtain, Holy Spirit sealed brethren.  Who shall thwart them, bound messengers from God.  Who is to speak out, open your mouth against the living God-creator?

I shall say what is unclean and clean. I shall say who enters and who withers, dies, is dust blown away.  Who can see the inner heart? Who can hide their heart? I will see it, read it like a book laid open.  David chosen by his heart, made clean by My fire, yet left unfinished work.

I desire, require, move-in, whirl, push, create, develop, and envelop Unity.  Three cord for my tunic.  Precise in line and form.  Beauty in My precision and exactness. It is my desire and requirement for unity without gap between Jew and Christian. Those that know Christ and those that live and breathe the Word.  Israel must stand as a new Israel not old.  The old has passed away.  My new covenant requires obedience, honor and respect.  Precision of My will.  It is an abomination to tolerate dis-unity.  Pride breeds evil and self-exaltation.  Do not exalt humans.  All will fall.  The balance of choice is at a time of critical impact.  Precision is needed.

Rise up Israel.  Proclaim your King bow to your Lord and listen for your salvation.  It is rising from the hills.

Great is the glory of the Lord! None shall stand against Him.

Unite, Unite, Unite!


Great is the Glory of the Lord!


Love. Everlasting, ever flowing without end without compromise and without regret.

Great is the glory of the Lord forever He will reign.  We bring honor and blessing to the King Most High.  Your love is sunshine, warmth and sustenance to our souls.  What would we do without our Lord our God our Fortress.  We would wither and die before we had fulfilled our purposes. I proclaim and declare My household bound to the Word of the Lord.  Align my very DNA to Your will Lord God.

Great is the glory of the Lord and His reign is from everlasting to everlasting.  Nothing escapes His loving kindness.  None shall stand, all shall fall, in homage and adoration to the Lord.  May every knee bow now, before the glory of the Lord, to preserve their place in heaven and the everlasting presence of the Lord.  Thank you, Lord Jesus .  My Lord and God. Amen