Slow trickle


An anticipatory flutter begin in my heart and intensified to a jackhammers pace, as my foot touched the pavement and I felt the vibration and power.  Niagara Falls, came fully into view as my vision crashed straight into my physical being, I was overwhelmed and fell to my knees crying. The power and majesty was undeniably a gift from God.  Words can not describe God’s power but this vision and its sheer physical presence, reduced all denials of God’s existence and power to rubble.

When it is not the tourist season, they reduce the amount of water flowing over the Niagara Falls.  For very practical reasons they reduce the falls power, to make it more manageable to harness the resource of water for their own desires.  I restrict God’s power and might in my life.  For practical reasons of course.  I reduce God to make Him more manageable, understandable and less breathtaking.  Just to catch my breathe I say, just for a little bit till I have more time or maybe when I gain more faith, I will let God’s full majesty roar.

I’ve decided to open up the floodgates.

Pray: Lord Jesus overwhelm me.  I have no desire to live my life without your power and might.  I don’t want practical any more I want Your fire and power, Your indwelling Presence overwhelming my human desires.  I desire to place you on your rightful throne at the center of my life.  Wherever your sweeping force takes me I will go.  Send me and empower me, I’m lost without your guidance.  Lord Jesus open up the floodgates of heaven send down your blessing and favor but also your fire to remove my impurities.  I desire more of you and less of me.  I can not become, what you created me to be, without your rod and staff, I submit to it now.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Are you dodging every blessing?

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Have you ever started an assignment from God, got two steps in and realized this is too much for me to handle?  If so, then you are headed in the right direction.

Position:  Being a servant of God comes down to position.  Where are you?  Is your obedience positioning you to be used mightily for God’s good purpose or are you dodging every blessing? I am praying for the Holy Spirit to fully manifest in me.  God is faithful in the answering of the prayers He receives.

Confessions of a tired mama.  The mom, mom, mom, mom and the poking and tugging on my arms is past what I can stand.  To just lay it out there, I don’t even like to start something unless it looks easy.  If I glance at something and its going to require; work, thought, time, effort or any amount of my coveted resources I run.  I tell myself I can’t do that, it’s just one more thing stealing my joy.

God has been asking me to do some tough stuff.  Stuff that requires my full heart, soul and all of my physical strength.  I have been under huge spiritual attack, because of my obedience. My faith, obedience quotient and strength have been thoroughly stretched these last couple of weeks. I have been barely able to lift my head up, let alone continue to be, all that is needed for four beautiful children.  I cried out to the Lord to sustain me and grant me some peace to continue.  He answered my prayers.  Other godly women came along side of me and ministered to me, in stories of their own lives and with prayer.  I know at least one of the women prayed for me late into the night.  Ironically I had just completed a late night and early morning prayer vigil literally just the day before, for that very woman.  The attacks abated allowing for the peace that passes human understanding to reign and for me to get some sleep.  Not by accident but by hard work.  Warfare is, as it sounds a tough and grueling business.

Today I went in to teach a class at my children’s Christian school, and the teacher asked if she could read from the bible first before I began.  I said yes, because I love to read the bible but there is something satisfying about hearing children read from it.  It gives a mother a much needed, breath of fresh air.  They read from Luke 10, the chapter that discusses Deuteronomy 6:5 command to love the Lord you God will all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength.

I had prayed that morning for God’s perspective to reign in my heart and mind.  Here was my direct answer.  At no point anywhere in the bible, does Jesus say things will be easy or little will be expected of us.  Quite the opposite you will find, at even a cursory glance at God’s word.

I prayed for discernment to determine what within me was blocking me from fully seeing or embracing this fact.  My prayer rewarded me with the answer, the spirit of entitlement.  We all think of entitlement as something the younger generation carries with them.  The need to have all the latest things, look a certain way and a ‘don’t I deserve it’ kind of attitude.  The evil one is both covert and subtle.  The spirit of entitlement attacking me is subtle in its destructive corrosion of my life.  I was accepting as truth; because I am working hard for the Lord, and am doing what is right everything will be easy.  I will get a free pass from the bombardments of spiritual warfare.  Clearly a lie.

I bound the evil spirt of entitlement in Jesus name and asked the Lord to grant me His perspective on my life.  He asked me, “What is the world?”

A fleeting dust storm?

A thing to be conquered?

The place where I acquire as many toys as possible?

The place where I win as much as I can, making losers of as many as I can?

Where I create servants for my every need?

Or is it the place that in my serving, I learn what it is to have all eternal riches given to me, with the                                         resulting responsibility and privileges?  God is good, wise and just.  We serve a sovereign God of                                           mercy and light.

To much is given much is expected.  I cannot receive the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit and all His giftings, to edify the church, and have it easy.  That seems like a simple enough statement and it’s truth is unshakeable.  Jesus said, I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.  Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.  But take heart, because I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (NLT).  He has overcome the world, but the fact is we are still living in this world and we will have trouble.

Lord Jesus I come before you with a humble heart.  Not my natural heart but the heart you are transforming within me to create a position and place for me to accept Your blessings.  I can not accept Your blessings without being in a position of thankful gratitude.  Lord Jesus transform my heart from a heart of entitlement to one of gratitude.  I need you Lord God in all aspects of my life. I surrender all of my heart, soul and all my physical strength to You Lord.  Use me for Your good purposes.  Let the Holy Spirit fully manifest within me.  Lord Jesus.  I accept the responsibility that comes with Your privileges.  You are a kind and just God I praise Your name.  Amen.

Joy!!!! What brings you Joy?

What brings you joy? Find it and keep it.

What God wants you to know about joy.
1) Joy gives you strength, it insulates you from this world. Joy gives you power to endure through trials.

2) God gave us joy because He loves us. Do not willingly lay it down without a fight. The evil one, the deceiver will try to steal your joy.

3) Ask for joy daily. The Lord your father wishes to give you amazing gifts ask for them daily.


Pray: Lord Jesus You say that your joy brings me strength. I need your strength right now. I am having a hard time recognizing and experiencing joy. I’m stuck Lord and I need your joy to pull me through this. Lord Jesus I need Your help to remind me that the power of the Holy Spirit is stronger within me than the power of this world. Remind me to call on the name of Jesus when the evil one tries to steal my joy with worry, anxiety or pain. Help me to find joy in the little things today. I love you and thank you for your many blessings.