I know exactly where I am going- Whoops!

TUNNEL ROAD(Ladyheart, morgue file)

I have been through many tight spots with the Lord.  A season of pressure to remove some tightly held baggage.


Every time I emerged from those tunnels, I emerged with a clearer direction a tightened focus.  Not this time, this time I see in the near distance two paths I could travel.


Where will He send me?  I have already purposed my trembling heart to say yes.


John 6:66-69

Peter’s Confession of Faith

As a result of this [a]many of His disciples abandoned Him, and no longer walked with Him. So Jesus said to the twelve [disciples], “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You [alone] have the words of eternal life [you are our only hope].  We have believed and confidently trusted, and [even more] we have come to know [by personal observation and experience] that You are the Holy One of God [the Christ, the Son of the living God].” (AMP)


Please pray with me and for me:  Lord Jesus, there is no one else to turn to. My life is Yours to move and to dwell with in. I surrender my entire being to You so that Your glory might be found. I lay down any false beliefs about my life and it’s purposes. You are the author and perfecter of my heart. Guide me and I will follow. Strengthen my resolve. I refuse to listen to fear and I cling to Your every Word. Thank You, Amen.


Cleaning- *gasp*

The phone call took a moment it was confirmation of my daughter’s 9:30 and my 10:30 dental appointments. I had set-up the dental visits months earlier knowing it’s importance and loving the feeling of clean teeth.

(My three year old daughter and my sister a dental assistant at Grandgenett dentistry, in Ames, IA.  they were so gentle and she actually had fun!)

Now, the dread set in, the scraping and the potential to find a painful and expensive cavity. Okay, actually two cavities last year.

The same is true of our spiritual life we know we need to submit to the cleaning only Christ can accomplish in our lives. (Christianese would call it sanctification) But knowing it, like setting the appointment is different than taking that confirmation call and committing to the cleaning.

Right when we get to the place we see some potential dirt to remove that *gasp* may require some scraping of our hearts. We bulk, we become busy, we justify our dirt or worse yet sweep it under a rug.

Friends I am right now standing on the edge of a cleaning. The sudden wave of fear actually strengths my resolve to submit to the necessary cleaning. I know I serve an awesome God, whose faithfulness goes far beyond my own. Psalm 119:90 Your faithfulness continues from generation to generation; You have established the earth, and it stands [securely].(AMP)

Because of this Truth I continue to walk toward Him knowing He is who He says He is.

Please pray with me:

Lord Jesus, I now see the place in my heart I am attempting to hide from You. I feel so vulnerable and scared even though I know Your gentleness. I know I will grow closer to You and ultimately will gain a larger space in my heart that rests in Your glory and Your might and not my own. I submit my heart to You and ask You to cleanse me of my lack of trust and faith. Forgive me for my lack of faith and strengthen my walk with You. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.


Psalm 91:4 

He will cover you and completely protect you with His pinions,
And under His wings you will find refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and a wall. (AMP)

Triumph of Faith?


To understand faith we must go beyond the first glance and begin to search the depths.

Faith is trust, hope and the understanding of Christ’s character outside of the concept of earthly time.  We can only trust if we understand the character of God.  We can only have hope if we allow God’s will and timing to exceed our own desires for immediate reward.  Faith by its very nature cannot be advanced without the expansion of time. There must be a laying down of human expectations in order to receive Christ’s supernatural miracles.

No God= No miracles. And yet in our haste and impatience we short circuit the miracles of God.

God promises much if we operate in faith.

Hebrews 11:6

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (NIV)

To act in faith is to expectantly move and (BE) before the path is unveiled.  Being is harder than doing. It requires stillness, a self-cleaning setting to identify what is not of God and toss it out.  If it does not strengthen our faith eliminate it.

Eradicate thoughts, words, vocabulary of disbelief, and then actions fall into alignment with God’s word allowing faith to emerge. People often move in faith quite well.  To be in faith, now that is difficult. To be in faith is a greater thing.

Narrow is the gate, as we walk through it allow it to squeeze out any lack of faith. See, Matthew 7:13-14.

Faith is identified as one of the spiritual gifts therefore it can be given. Reference 1 Cor. 12:1-11 to review a great teaching on the spiritual gifts.  God is willing and able to give faith, if we have the courage to ask.

Do you have the courage to ask for faith?

If you are unwilling or lack the courage to ask for faith know this-

There are times we can move within works carrying out our Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven but only for a time, if we have not mastered the skill of being in faith.

I am not throwing out James’s statements without works our faith is dead.  I whole-heartedly agree.  But if our being is wrong and our understanding of God is wrong our works will be lifeless.  They will be puffed up and self-serving.  Without being in faith you cannot conform your will to Christ’s.

Someone once said the only thing we can give God on this side of heaven is Faith, In heaven there is no faith only sight. Seek out faith now, while you are still breathing, so that you might give your full obedience to Christ a living sacrifice.

(The following prayer is only for those who are ready to leave the old and walk into a new level of relationship with Christ- absolute trust)

Prayer:  Lord Jesus I surrender my being to you.  Fill me with an understanding of Your character.  Teach me of You so I might lose my selfish will in Your glory.  Lord Jesus, I give You permission to grow my faith and move within me at a level I have never experienced before.  Take Your servant and do as You want, in order for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We praise You Jesus and in Your name we say, Amen- let it be.

Despair revoked, Hope revealed !

Despair revoked, Hope revealed!  Part One

Zoe-Faith-Anencephaly- parents looking at her

Grey wall, stark, ever-present, and monstrous- fear. What have I done? There is no hope, nothing will change. I will cry out forever and none will know my inner heart. None can know my pain or see me.  I deserve this, I brought this on.  Despair and hopelessness are my constant companion.

Jen’s cry went out as Hannah’s did ages ago.  Grant me a child God, not because I deserve it but because your daughter asks. I ask out of a humble heart. Humble enough to know that what the Lord gives belongs to Him.  When Hannah exposed her heart to the Lord, her humble petition was heard. Hannah was granted a son.  Read 1 Samuel chapter one if you are interested in the biblical account of the life of this prayer filled woman.

When Jen and her husband cried out to the Lord for a child.  Days led to years of constant prayers. These petitions were known and heard, God granted them Zoe. Her birth gave life to hope. In Hebrew the word hope comes from the same root word as wait. Times of waiting, create space and time for God to establish miracles within us.  During that time of waiting it was discovered that Zoe had a fatal diagnosis.  She was not expected to make it to her birth. Jen Stolz was taught the fullness of the word hope from her tiny daughter. Against all the odds Jen was given the gift of Zoe.  Zoe’s two hours of life created an eternal ripple both in the spiritual and physical realm.

Jen writes out of a deep well dug by waiting and redeemed by hope revealed. Jen can be found at www.LivingLifeLovingIt.com. She knows of despair, but they are no longer friends. Hope is her constant companion. I don’t know what God has planned for Zoe’s mother and father, but He does not give such a radiant gift, Zoe, to just anyone. Jen’s light will shine, as she continues to benefit from hope revealed in her daughter’s life. I intend to read what God has developed from within her humble heart.  I have much to learn about waiting and becoming, within the process of being present in the life God has given me.

Pray: Lord Jesus, You know us, even before you knit us together within our mother’s wombs. We cannot be fully known by other mortals. Our brief encounters and fleeting looks do not reveal our inner beings. You know our inner hearts and redeem us. Thank you, My Savior. We surrender to You our entire beings to receive from You what You desire for us. In the waiting times help us to see Your sovereign hand. We love and need you, Jesus. Thank you, Amen.

Jen writes about her daughter in http://www.livinglifelovingit.com/anencephaly-infant-loss-sorrow/

Divine connections: connecting God’s kingdom

I have often discovered that one conversation, a book or even a well placed laugh have altered the direction of my life.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I get stuck in playing the same anxiety ridden recording over and over again in my mind.  Rendering me unable  to develop a plan to uncover myself from the rubble of my life.

Prayer is the answer.  In prayer we can ask the maker of the universe for anything and He will deliver.  The key is what do we ask for, when we are so stuck in our own heads?

A well placed sermon dropped the concept of Divine connections into my world forever altering my prayer requests.  Divine connections are when God answers our hearts prayers through the use of fellow Christian brothers and sisters in our lives.  He connects us to the exact person who can meet our specific needs at the exact moment in history that we need it. There is no such thing as coincidences or luck.

Now I pray for divine connections, whenever I encounter a problem that I can’t even conceptualize let alone problem solve through.   When you submit to God in prayer, lifting up your needs, He will meet them under His perfect will and direction.

Just Tuesday as I was praying for divine connections to improve a puzzle wrought with anxiety and stabbing me with fear for 9 years the Lord set up a divine connection and a 5 minute conversation blew apart my problem and changed my perspective forever.  If your stuck ask God for divine connections.

Pray:  Lord Jesus I’m stuck again, I need your help.  Please grant me divine connections to help me in my miserable state.  I don’t know what to do but I believe that You can save me.  I know you hold me in Your perfect will and that you have plans for me to prosper me and not to harm me.  Help me to feel Your presence and love in my life.  I need you now,  I can’t do this alone.  Thank you God for your perfect love, direct me onto your path and I will submit my life to Your direction.  Love you God, amen.

Anxiety is just a nicer word for fear

The word fear appears in the King James version of the bible 528 times.  That leads me to believe that it has some importance.  As women we readily admit that we experience anxiety from time to time about our children, marriages and life decisions.  The word anxiety is really just a tamer word for fear.  God says,  I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.  John 14:27 NLT.

Being anxious or if we are more honest with ourselves fearful is a joy stealer.  The evil one loves to keep us chasing after the “what if’s” and “what are we going to do’s” in the middle of the night.  It keeps us focused on this world and all the possibilities for utter destruction instead of praying for a miracle.  God wants to hear from you about what is on your heart.  He wants to minister to your deepest needs but He needs you to willingly lay down your life to Him.  He needs you to willfully give Him space to work His miracles.  We need to consider that the maker of the universe does know what he is doing, has our best interest at heart and will provide for us.  We must also realize He will do it in His time and with the best possible outcome.  He is not restricted by our own limited thoughts of what the “best” solution is.  Nothing about the act of surrendering is easy and it is in fact impossible without prayer, constant prayer.  

The word heart appears 928 times in the KJV of the bible.  God is interested in our hearts.  He wants to protect us even from ourselves.  Do not let the evil one steal your joy with worry.  Keep praying.  I listen to K-Love and one of the hosts said she prayed for something for 20 years and it has just now come to pass.  What patience, persistence and tenacity. God desires us to ask Him for help and stop trying to muddle through it on our own.

Please pray with me and for me.  Lord Jesus: We mother’s surrender our children, husbands, lives and our entire hearts.  Search us and know us Lord.  Root out any unclean thoughts or heart conditions.  Leave us clean and able to see the Truth, Your Truth Lord Jesus.  Help us to make decisions based on Your unfailing Truth and not our fears and wilting strength.  Lord We need You.  You know where my anxiety lays right now help me to see the truth surrounding this fear.  Reveal to me what Your plan is for me and I will willingly surrender my life decisions to you.  Help me Lord.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.  Amen.