Overwhelmed by a life!


I have the overwhelming privilege of gathering photos for my father in laws service. Jim Sr. is in the process of dying and very much like a birth; this is a time of reflection and anticipation.  I anxiously await his heaven birthday where he will no longer be in pain. My husband is working on the eulogy and is prayerfully considering what to say.


In his life, he has many roles:

A father

jim wedding photo- with john

A grandpa

jim and pat couch

A lover of animals

jim and dog

Jim Sr. was a firefighter, bus driver- mechanic and a husband to name a few of his roles.  He is so many things but non greater than a child of God. His choice to follow Jesus has made all the difference in his life and the lives of those who love him.  We are anticipating an eternal life instead of dreading the loss of an earthly one.  Thank You, Jesus for your mercy on him and on those who love him.


Please join me in praying. 

       Lord Jesus, we plead the Blood over Jim Sr. that he be released from his earthly body and its death and instead be received into the Kingdom of God with joy.  Let Your peace reign as He transitions to life.  Cancer you cannot keep him bound to his body and pain any longer, be gone in Jesus name.  Christ receives him.  Thank You, Jesus.  By the gift of Your precious blood, let his family and friends and all those he touched rest in Your peace.  Amen.

‘Stand in’


The ER nurse turned to my husband and said “You are her Savior” as my husband held my youngest daughter down, while they jabbed at her with the second attempt at an IV. Her pathetic screams easily penetrated the hallway where I waited with my sons. He quickly replied, “No, I am not her Savior, Jesus Christ is but I will be His stand in”.

My God has provided me with such a wonderful earthly father to my children. He is a great ‘stand in’ or representation of Christ to my children. They experience their father’s sacrifice and love in his daily interactions with them.

John provides stability, a sense of self, protection and fierce love to our children. Just as Christ does. This weekend John was with me every moment as we woke up our youngest daughter, every two hours to get two ounces of fluid down her with a syringe. I could not love John more than I do when I see his self- sacrifice for our children. He provides for them as their father what I cannot and I am eternally grateful. He gives them an understanding of what a father’s love is, and this understanding frees them to run into the arms of Christ without reservations of the consequence.

In prayer for a friend’s daughter that she might experience stability I received a gift far greater than the prayer I was providing her. I received a greater revelation of what my identity as God’s daughter does for me, now on this earth. You cannot fully integrate a sense of peace and stability into your life until you accept and acknowledge that you are Christ’s daughter or son. In prayer  I began to realize that my understanding of my identity was not fully developed. God is faithful to provide what we need, when we humble ourselves and ask for help in prayer.


Prayer: I pray for stability. For Christ’s love to surround me and penetrate to the depths of my understanding of self. Provide for Me a cocoon of protection so that you might transform my life of doubt into a triumph of obedience. Provide stability not as the world provides it but as You do My conquering, Savior. Thank you, Jesus Amen.

For the father of my children: The spiritual leader of our household






photo (23)For the father of my children:

The fullness of time has come for you.  You have entered your calling to be a father.

How do I know you are called?  God created you for His good purposes.  These good purposes were created for you and you alone.  No one else can stand in your place as their father.  Your children are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God chose you and your wife to mold these amazing beings.  Only you can stand, as their father.  No one else can protect and love them like God created you to do.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4:10.  Go to the Lord, surrender and request your weapons of war. The maker of the universe will equip you. See Ephesians 6:10-18.


As the spiritual leader of my household I claim authority over my family.  I cover them in the blood of the Lamb.

I load my arrow with prayers of strength, unity and power and light them afire with the Holy Spirit’s presence.

I aim into the future with perfect precision that comes from surrendering to God’s will.  As I take aim I look to the right and left to thwart the attack of the evil one.

One deep breath in, exhaling it slowly I call on the name of Jesus my Savior, I release the arrow knowing it will hit its mark. The Lord made straight its path into the future.

I am the spiritual leader of my household and I claim authority over my family.  I surrender, and stand under the banner of Jesus Christ Savior of the world.  I am not of this world, I am a son of the God most high.

You Lord, designed my journey before time began and only my feet can walk on the path you created for me. Equip me Lord Jesus for the privilege of being a father, their defender.

Thank you, Your warrior in Christ.