Buried Alive…..

Buried alive….

pile of clothes

Buried alive is, buried alive whether it be in dishes, laundry, words or to do lists.  Any of those before mentioned situations leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless. As a mother you could be buried in the middle of all of those scenarios at the same time.

Frenzied with the back to school rush, I sat perched in the middle of a mountainous mass of clothing desperately throwing items into three stacks in the hopes of reaching a ‘manageable’ amount before me.  One load goes off to Goodwill.  A second to the outfits for now pile and a third to the clothes they will grow into later heap. 

Advice given should also be quickly sorted, so that we do not become entrapped under a pile that steals our very breathe. We are bombarded daily, moment-to-moment with what we should, could, maybe and might do.  Sort these messages according to God’s wisdom.

Some of the things, let’s go with most things the world says should go into the rejection pile.  The second batch of advice we should heed immediately for our own safety.  The third message may be stored for later because it’s depth of meaning needs further exploration or it has relevance for future use.

Few things spoken or written have had any impact on me that were not directly taken from God’s Word or were steeped in God’s wisdom.

We cannot have an impact on others without knowledge and use of the Word of God.  Our message will go into the rejection pile- were it rightfully belongs.

James 3:17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

Prayer:  Lord steep me in Your Word, light me on fire with it’s wisdom and power.  Let my words be aligned with and point toward Your Word and will.  Grant me wisdom to reject messages that lead my thoughts and deeds away from You.


This exhausted mothers prayer

I went into the throne room today to see which truth essential to motherhood God wanted to give me a word on today.  Instead I came out with this prayer.

     Lord Jesus, I believe all your Word is true.  My core doesn’t doubt, but could I have some tangible reminder or a trigger in my mind to stop me from trying on my own strength then failing and then having to back track, use more energy and then finally rely on You.  Lord help me to seek Your strength first and stop trying to do it the “faulty, messy, ineffective and often needs to apologize to people my way.”

        Lord I need You!  Please create a trap in my mind that is triggered every time I forget to surrender to you, so that I quickly repent, re-align and receive victory.  I love and trust You God help me to live that out.  I thank you for it. Amen.


My confession: I have discovered the more “little everyday problems” that occur, the more I forget to seek first the kingdom of God and the rest will fall into place and I also forget I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I have a tendency to rely on caffeine and chocolate instead.  Two very beautiful creations ultimately given by God but obviously not a replacement for God.