Mother’s day surprise lesson!

Warning: If you can not handle graphic baby poop stories do not read on!  I repeat do not read on!  Warning.

I love perennial, so every year for mothers day I get to pick out my own flowers and this year I got to do it with only one child.  My daughter Abigail had just turned two months and had been a perfect angel all the way until we got to the car.  It was crazy hot out so I pulled off her long pants and left her in her onesie to feed.  We sat in the passenger side front of van and she nursed in the Walmart parking lot.  To my horror I heard extraordinary noises coming from my precious daughter. To my dismay my lap felt more warm than I wanted to think about.  My daughter had filled her pants to overflowing, splattering all over my shorts to the point of seeping onto the seat.  When I stood up to my horror it hit the pavement.  Like the mother of four and a seasoned veteran I panicked.  This was outrageous even for a Walmart parking lot.  I rolled up my short and put my daughter on the floor and used every piece of clothing my daughter had in the van and every cleaning device and anything that could me commandeered as a cleaning device.  She was still hungry so I sat her up to burp her,she promptly vomited all down the cleaner side of the passenger seat.  I drove home in laughing/tears texting John to get all cleaning devices available for action.

For mother’s day I received a great laugh and a number of lessons.  Have more cleaning devices than you think humanely possible in your vehicle, an extra outfit for not only your children but yourself and a really really big sense of humor.  Who knew my two month old would so readily inform me of how ill equipped I was.