Despair….meets mercy

        “Heather, why are you surprised when the lost, act lost?” My wise pastor retorts, to my lament of a co-workers outrageous behavior.

Perhaps, today you are in the same place I am, shaking your head at the outlandish, childish behavior, on every channel.  All over the news, we see people operating from utter despair and desperation.


I ask you, why are you surprised when the lost, act lost?

Let us put away our unbelief and realize what is before us- Revival.  See the opportunity!  Meet despair with mercy. Provide the hope they desperately need, eternal hope in Jesus Christ.

Reach out your hand and lift the “lost” brother off the ground into eternal relationship with Christ.

Lord Jesus, help me to not see those in despair, acting out violently as a thing of contempt, but rather as a person in need of a Savior.  Remind us they are a glimpse of our own hearts before salvation. Desperate for stability- their trust in man has failed. Help us to walk out and speak out the gospel on the streets and in our workplace.  Embolden us to reach out to those in despair with compassion and gentleness of heart.  Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen

The harvest is ripe- we prayed for revival and it is upon us.  Do not walk away from this gift.  Take your place in the ranks of the harvesters for Christ.

Thank you- Pastor Kurt Verhoeven