Despair revoked, Hope revealed! Part two: Being Present


Being Present

The simple message I am about to relay from a dear new friend, a happen stance encounter left me breathless.  Both humbled and awed.  How could I take what she said, and make it into a reality in my life?  Was that possible.

I asked Zoe’s mother, Jen Stolz, what was the one thing that most helped her through the fatal diagnosis and later death of her child?  This was her response.  Choosing to be in the present.  Whatever that present was.  Enjoying every moment of her pregnancy and the few hours she had with Zoe.  She states, “Being present allowed me to experience all my emotions, the good and the hard and allowed me to feel God’s love and presence”.

I read these words and was stunned, they rocked me to my core and left me breathless. Did I ever do that, could I ever do that?  Did I know how to do that?  Maybe there’s a class I can take on that.  Literally all day long I stopped in mid-movement held by the thought of being present. I would go to pull the milk out and be hit in the Spirit.  These thwacks to the gut were simultaneously uplifting and convicting. Being present is a gift we can all receive. Some are better at possessing the gift than others.  I have little to no practice with it. I am always rightfully being told, to be still and sit quietly in anticipation.

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I read one of her husband’s blogs that describes their combined journey of learning the value of being present.  They knew they would never be able to teach Zoe to read, or to ride a bike.  So pregnant Jen took Zoe on a bike ride and read and sang to her.  Jen’s intentional actions of “being present” are quite inspiring.  It leaves me wondering how can I be more present?  Less consumed with what is coming next.  How can I stop playing the “what if” game, tormented with planning and attempting to control life instead of living it?  I declare, that I am going to intentionally live in the present, but I am going to need help.

Lord Jesus, You know how you created me.  I have a difficult time being still and living in the moment.  Lord Jesus I surrender my life to you.  Help me to live in the present and presence of You, in the moments of my everyday life.  Tenderly teach me what you would have me know.  I acknowledge that my children are a gift from you, help me to enjoy that gift. Thank you, Amen.

Please send in comments about how you live in the present, or how you are learning to do so.

Jen writes about the loss of her daughter and her journey in

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