Wonderfully intelligent, and brilliantly crafty, at discovering new adventures- my new 2 year old.  If you are a parent you can easily read between the lines on this and you would be correct.  She is a whirlwind of activity.  An exhaustive fire ball of plans that are always one step ahead of my safety measures.  She wants, what she wants, when she wants it, at all times.  Pity the person that gets in the way of her strong will.  She will get louder and more destructive as she endures seconds of waiting for her needs to be met.

Somewhere in that last paragraph I stopped talking about my daughter and started talking about myself.  Ok, in all honestly that was at about sentence three.  I recently did not get what I wanted, when I wanted it.

If we are honest as parents sometimes we just hand our child those cookies in order to get the screaming to stop.  Not our greatest parental moments but sometimes we are just to tired or busy to do what is best for our children.

Thank God, our heavenly Father does not have our same weaknesses.  He always does what is best for us even when we throw our tantrums and refuse to wait or even worse refuse to endure what is best for us with- gasp- joy in our hearts.

I know I will reach a time when  I am able to look back at this hiccup in my plans and see the sovereign hand of God.  He knows what is best for my family even when I don’t have the strength, patience or maturity to see that. It just isn’t right now.  Right now,  I am rolling around on the floor, screeching with the best of them.  Someday I will see how this made me a better mother, daughter or wife.  It just isn’t right now, and that’s okay.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, help me to see Your sovereign hand in this. Your obedient child awaits Your guidance.  I trust in Your strength and gracious heart  in this, even while I am screaming.  Please help me to live in Your joy each and every day.  Let Your love overwhelm me and leave me at rest in Your peace that passes human understanding. Help me, your obedient, albeit cranky daughter.  Love, Heather

Comment: How has God surprised you?  How has God left you wondering if He knows your heart?


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