Uncertainty is a Tyrant!

Uncertainty is a tyrant- wielding warriors of anxiety, desperation and helplessness


There is a deep, raw and primal need to protect our children. In my life I have the privilege and responsibility of listening to the pain, as mother’s hearts are roughly exposed and left vulnerable. Three mothers in differing amounts of struggle from uncertainty poured out their pain as I listened and prayed for them this week.

Between snippets of breathe, I heard the retelling of the story of her daughter’s last moments on earth

I listened to the rigid and unforgiving regimen of cancer treatment endured for a friend’s son battling for his life. We half joked noting that you need therapy just to endure all the therapy.

I listened to a mother torn and confused on treatment options for her son with ADD. Her eyes revealing her desperate desire to quiet the monstrous “what-ifs” the all too familiar, lurking to devour— uncertainty

We have an option, only one, to not only endure the devourer named uncertainity but to conquer it. We have the option of surrendering to the Lord and receiving a whole new perspective. A vision of life that we cannot see because our eyes are darkened by grief and battle torn by circumstances too horrible for us to endure alone.

Pray: Lord Jesus, I am desperate. My heart is breaking and I have no place to find relief. Help me. Help me to see Your mighty hand and to feel Your protection. Guide me Jesus through this mine field. I bind the evil of uncertainty, hopelessness, helplessness and mind numbing mental anguish of the unknown in Jesus name. Take my anxiety from me, I cast it onto You. Let me see the next step in front of me and help me to take it. And then the next, move me as only You are able. Protect my mother heart from the devourer satan as he throws his deceitful darts of doubt. I cry out to the living God to save me, guide me and shelter my raw heart. Only You God. Only You, Jesus. Amen.


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