Catch a bird

“Mom, I want to catch a bird” my five year old daughter stated as if it was an accomplished fact, not a dream. My pleas to explain the futility of such an endeavor where promptly ignored.


“Mom, I’m going to catch a bird” she insisted. Finally, I gave up my useless attempts at persuasion and did the obvious. I asked, “Why, honey”? “Because they can fly!” she called out in a dead sprint toward her prize.

Do I try to catch something to obtain its gifts? Do I look at other people’s gifts and abilities and try to possess them, look like them and act like them? All in an effort to fly? NEWS FLASH- I can’t fly!

I’ve been in a solitary cage of my own making, a place of denial of my gifts and responsibilities. Gifts are responsibilities. Birds must fly, to fill the air and give us the perspective of how big the heavens are. We look at a bird’s flight and see only strength and freedom. Birds fly as a means of survival. If they did not fly they would die. Do we understand the significance of our gifts and that if we don’t use them there is a death? A death of the life that God would have us to live, in order to pursue our own ideas of life.

What are the gifts you have been given?  I am a mother of four beautiful children.  I am painfully aware I have done nothing to deserve these gifts. God freely gave them anyway. His goodness is humbling. Some of the gifts on my list are of times of trial, when there was crushing pain but an intense awareness of God’s presence. I cannot list all my gifts here, but I encourage you to list yours. It feels good to be thankful and it strengthens our resolve to live His way. What does God want you to do with your individual, unique gifts?

No matter how careful our plans are, or how righteous they seem. We must ask the Creator if our design includes flight.

Maybe our gift to the world is not to give perspective on how vast the sky is. Maybe our responsibility is to live Truth filled lives, which glorify the Lord.

Lord Jesus, Your plans are righteous and holy, my plans are fleeting and without substance. Grant me your rock solid foundation, liberate me from myself. I ask to live free of bondage. Give me your vision Jesus to see and know Truth. I desire to live out life under your will and not my own. I ask that you grant me discernment to be able to know the truth in all situations. Thank you, Jesus.  I love you, Amen.


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