Great is the Glory of the Lord!


Love. Everlasting, ever flowing without end without compromise and without regret.

Great is the glory of the Lord forever He will reign.  We bring honor and blessing to the King Most High.  Your love is sunshine, warmth and sustenance to our souls.  What would we do without our Lord our God our Fortress.  We would wither and die before we had fulfilled our purposes. I proclaim and declare My household bound to the Word of the Lord.  Align my very DNA to Your will Lord God.

Great is the glory of the Lord and His reign is from everlasting to everlasting.  Nothing escapes His loving kindness.  None shall stand, all shall fall, in homage and adoration to the Lord.  May every knee bow now, before the glory of the Lord, to preserve their place in heaven and the everlasting presence of the Lord.  Thank you, Lord Jesus .  My Lord and God. Amen


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