Joy!!!! What brings you Joy?

What brings you joy? Find it and keep it.

What God wants you to know about joy.
1) Joy gives you strength, it insulates you from this world. Joy gives you power to endure through trials.

2) God gave us joy because He loves us. Do not willingly lay it down without a fight. The evil one, the deceiver will try to steal your joy.

3) Ask for joy daily. The Lord your father wishes to give you amazing gifts ask for them daily.


Pray: Lord Jesus You say that your joy brings me strength. I need your strength right now. I am having a hard time recognizing and experiencing joy. I’m stuck Lord and I need your joy to pull me through this. Lord Jesus I need Your help to remind me that the power of the Holy Spirit is stronger within me than the power of this world. Remind me to call on the name of Jesus when the evil one tries to steal my joy with worry, anxiety or pain. Help me to find joy in the little things today. I love you and thank you for your many blessings.


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