How long does one step take?

Every time  God wants to give me a gift I mean a really big blessing, which are then by nature a huge leap of faith. I hesitate. It’s ridiculous, numerous times He has given blessings beyound human comprehension, riches beyound are ability to earn or even fully contain and all He asks from us is obedience.  I hesitate.  Delayed obedience is still rebellion.  There is nothing left to be asked or answered, only a step to be taken.  How long can one step take? 

I stand at the crossroads again.  You have asked me to step out and  I’m hesitating.  Someone once said our faith is one of the only gifts we can give Him, and it can only be given while we are still breathing.   In heaven our faith is our sight.  A gift of faith to our King must be given now or not at all.  

Pray:  Lord Jesus

I surrender to You.  Help me to make the desires of Your heart be the desires of my heart. Grant me the gift of perfect alignment with You.  I lay down my rebellion at your feet.  Give me the first step I will take it, even when You don’t give the step by step plan.  I lay down my will, l will be obedient to You even when I do not comprehend Your purpose for what You have asked me to do.  Whatever God has asked you to do whether that be; to forgive, to unite your marriage to Him or full blown missions work, surrender. Surrender it to Jesus now by name. Thank you Jesus for your blessings already given and for the blessings to come from obedience. I love you thank you for loving me. Amen

God is faithful each and every time I have been obedient to God’s prompting, I have received blessings I never would have imagined. To know your actions are pleasing to the Lord is a high that can not be topped by anything in this plane of exsistance. 

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