Pray? Why?

Pray because you want the maker of the universe to align you with His purpose not for you own short sided laundry list of wants. As you pray God re-aligns your priorities, what you wanted sometimes becomes irrelevant and other times becomes the very fire of your life.

Someone once asked, “Why would I spend time asking God for what I want when He already knows”?  Prayer is about surrender, faith and the transformation of the human involved not the listing of needs for God to carry out.  You need to state your wants and surrender them to Christ.  Confessing your wants to God is a testimony that You believe God could meet your desires.  If you are reluctant to bare yourself, and tell God what you want, it is an admittance you believe God can not help you, so why ask?   

Don’t make the mistake of believing if you are not getting what you asked for it is because God is punishing you.  That is not the case He is the Alpha and the Omega, He is already with you at the end of the race in heaven.  He will only provide for you, what is best for you, not what is easiest.  God is not interested in your comfort, but is interested in your character.  Developing character doesn’t happen during the great times, but does during the refining trials.

For the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child.” Hebrew 12:6, NLV  We should not count trials as something to be ashamed or fearful of.  When we ask God to transform us, we can expect there will need to be refining fires to accomplish this.  Nobody wants to endure trials,but they are a necessary and a sweet victory when we succeed.  Whenever we choose to surrender to God, while going through a trial we will succeed and gain a story to witness from.  No one wants to hear about how God is so great, when all they see is sunshine in your life, people are only truly impressed when you praise God when the storms of life are crushing you.  When you succeed where others fail, because of your surrender to Christ people see something real and true to seek after.  

Pray: Lord Jesus I ask for Your revelation of truth.  I don’t understand what’s happening and nothing makes sense anymore.  You know all, and have me within Your hand.  Jesus please reveal Your heart to me.  Make Your plan real and concrete for me, so that I can follow Your path.  This is really hard and I need some light, help me to find joy in the little things.  You say Your joy is our strength and I need some.  Please grant me a quiet and gentle heart while I triumph through this.  Show me how I can demonstrate Your kingdom, here on earth.  I surrender my wants to Your needs.  I know You love me.  Thank you for all the blessings You are, and will rain down on me.  Amen. Love your daughter, Heather 

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