Self Help or Self clutter? (prayer restoration part 1)

repentPrayer can change the very fabric of our existence nothing else can. No self help book/seminar, no new job, new location, promotions or vacation.

We clutter our lives up with things designed to improve us, make us “competitive”.  We strive to give our children “everything”  and spend enormous amounts of time and effort to do what society says we “should”.  All the while spending little to no time on the very thing, the only thing that is eternal and will transform our lives.

How do I know this?  I lived it.  I spent huge amounts of time seeking after the things that society deemed necessary to be a “good” mother and to give my children “everything”.  Driving me crazy and ironically not improving anything.  I only succeeded in the creation of life clutter.

A conversation I over heard sparked my desire to seek after eternal rewards through my surrender.  I heard my pastor say, ” I don’t know who that young man is but, I know he loves the Lord,  you can tell by the way he prays”.  I was immediately convicted.  How did I pray?  Did I even sound like I liked God let alone loved him?  Did I use my prayer time as a laundry list of needs?  These truths lead me on a five year journey to become a prayer warrior.  I’m still on this journey and it has become a consuming passion that energizes me and leaves me constantly seeking more of God.

I’m not sure how long it will take me but, this is Part 1 of “prayer restoration” where I will try to put onto paper what God has revealed to me about prayer.  Some of these truths I have learned through painless revelations I have received from God in prayer and some of the truths I have learned through painful trials, my own or the trials of those I love.

In order to be transformed I had to lay down myself and create space within me for the Lord to fill with His truth.  I could no longer cling to my selfish wants, petty grievances, pride, judgmental tendencies and un-forgiveness.  They were taking up too much space and consuming energy that the Lord wanted to replace with His unfailing love and patient discipline.

My first prayer was simply this.  Lord I know I’m broken and a mess I don’t even know what needs fixing.  Please take what You want and leave the rest.  I love you Jesus.  From then on that became my simple prayer that I prayed for many months as He worked within me. Take what you want and leave the rest and He did.  Psalms 145:13 “The Lord is faithful to all his promises” and he promised us. And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8.  Read the scripture again and you will see He is the One, there is no other One who goes before your life.  You can’t know whats coming or even the significance of what has passed.  If we want to improve, allowing the maker of the universe who is all knowing, all powerful and ever present into our lives is mandatory.  The way to do this is through prayer.

Pray:  Lord Jesus I know the only thing that can improve me is You.  The removal of me and the in-filling of You.  The clutter of my life distracts from the purpose of my life.  Broken and vulnerable I lay down my pieces before You not for You to reassemble into a newer better me but, for you to utterly transform me to renew me into the being that You created me to be, into the the very image of God. To do that full surrender is required and I am up to that challenge.  Help me to see the areas of my life that I am clinging to and not allowing Your cleansing fire to transform.  Lord Jesus I believe that You love me and want what is best for me.  I surrender my heart, mind, body, thought life, mothering, parenting, being a wife and being your servant to You Lord Jesus use me for Your kingdom. Thank you Lord Jesus.  Love you, your daughter Heather.


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