Divine connections: connecting God’s kingdom

I have often discovered that one conversation, a book or even a well placed laugh have altered the direction of my life.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I get stuck in playing the same anxiety ridden recording over and over again in my mind.  Rendering me unable  to develop a plan to uncover myself from the rubble of my life.

Prayer is the answer.  In prayer we can ask the maker of the universe for anything and He will deliver.  The key is what do we ask for, when we are so stuck in our own heads?

A well placed sermon dropped the concept of Divine connections into my world forever altering my prayer requests.  Divine connections are when God answers our hearts prayers through the use of fellow Christian brothers and sisters in our lives.  He connects us to the exact person who can meet our specific needs at the exact moment in history that we need it. There is no such thing as coincidences or luck.

Now I pray for divine connections, whenever I encounter a problem that I can’t even conceptualize let alone problem solve through.   When you submit to God in prayer, lifting up your needs, He will meet them under His perfect will and direction.

Just Tuesday as I was praying for divine connections to improve a puzzle wrought with anxiety and stabbing me with fear for 9 years the Lord set up a divine connection and a 5 minute conversation blew apart my problem and changed my perspective forever.  If your stuck ask God for divine connections.

Pray:  Lord Jesus I’m stuck again, I need your help.  Please grant me divine connections to help me in my miserable state.  I don’t know what to do but I believe that You can save me.  I know you hold me in Your perfect will and that you have plans for me to prosper me and not to harm me.  Help me to feel Your presence and love in my life.  I need you now,  I can’t do this alone.  Thank you God for your perfect love, direct me onto your path and I will submit my life to Your direction.  Love you God, amen.


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