Wonderfully and fearfully made!

Wonderfully and fearfully made!

Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Wherever I travel on my walk with God, I continue to be forgetful, Jesus has to constantly remind me who I am and who He is. There are miracles to be found in our lives. Why we choose to ignore them or grow numb to them is baffling to me. Instead we focus on the things about ourselves or the world that are wrong ignoring the beauty.

The Hebrew psalmist uses the word fear meaning, “awe” as of awe of one in authority. To think of ourselves as something that is awe inspiring on most days seems like quite a stretch. Looking at my daughter’s beautiful eyes and perfectly formed hands and feet it seems “right”. God made us in His image for glorious and wondrous things. We need to bring our focus from our easily, visible faults to the miracle that is our very bodies and our world. The Lord reminds us to keep our eyes and minds on things of worth and not waste our time on filth. I know I personally need God’s miracles and directions in my life. My wandering eyes and mind need constant shepherding.

Lord Jesus, Help me to stay focused on You and your miracles that are all around us. Help me be like the psalmist and know full well that I am fearful and wonderfully made. Thank you Jesus for the miracles you have given me and the ones you have designed for me before my birth. Help me to stay focused on you and help me to use what you have given me for the kingdom. Thank you, Jesus Amen.

As I concentrated this week on finding beauty I stumbled across Louie Giglio’s work with music. He created music using the music of stars and the songs of whales. It is worth checking out and gives us the proper perspective of awe for God and his creation. It reminds us as the psalmist did that we are created for the purpose of praise of our creator.


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