Be still

file0001041149776.jpgWhy is being still such a difficult thing?  Maybe it’s because when God asks us to be still is when we are in crisis and feel the strongest urge to move to do anything except remain a sitting target.  We struggle, push and pull to find our solution to the problem and even find some good solutions.  But ultimately with our limited vision our “fool proof” plans fail and we are left with more wasted time, effort and resources.

I have also been taught time and time again the circumstances that I thought were the “problem” where actually God’s design and solution for what He knows that I need from an eternal perspective.  Knowing all this why am I still so inclined to solve my problems instead of submitting to God?

I need prayer:  Lord help me to submit to You.  Grant me discernment to know the difference between good, bad and best.  I don’t want to do this life without You but I don’t trust my restless heart.  Protect me from myself Lord Jesus.  Grant me a trap in my mind so that when I begin to differ from your path I immediately become aware of it so that I can submit to You.  Lord I need help with my life what is Your plan for me, where do you want me to put my energy, time and effort?  Love you, Heather

Psalm 46:10 (NIV) He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.


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