Funny or rude or just a little of both?

An elderly woman who had what I believe was only the best of intentions said the most horrible thing to me at church today.   I am 38 weeks+ pregnant and she turns and asks me if I’m having a  boy or girl?  To which I reply I am having a girl and the Lord told me her name at 12 weeks and so I have two confirmations that she is a girl the Lord and the ultrasound.  She with the sweetest smile possible told me her third confirmation, “Oh Honey I knew it was a girl because you know, what they say when you can tell their pregnant from behind it’s a girl!”

That dissolved any delusions I may have had  as to what is happening to all the areas of my body I can’t see.

(For those of you who wanted a good/horrible laugh, to bad I did not include a picture of my third confirmation she is a girl)


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