Women are called to be the conduit of God’s love to our husbands and children.

Women are called to be the conduit of God’s love to our husbands and children.

Our first step is to align ourselves with God’s priorities

How to make a priority list

•    This process will lead you to an understanding of why you must lead your children to God.

•    You can choose to sit down with your husband and write separate lists or brainstorm together.  Use whatever style best fits your relationship.

•    Your first draft will need revising.  Make sure your most important items are at the top.  Define what you mean so that both parents can completely comprehend their joint decisions.

.    Start the process of purposely and systematically developing your children into God’s image

.   Post your list somewhere visible to your husband and you daily.

•    At this point you need to make a plan to carry out your priorities as a team.  When you need help ask and it shall be given.  And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.  Matthew 21:22.

•    Pray together with your spouse for guidance.


Example of your first draft: Shaping my child list/ What do you want for your child?

•    Father

–   Successful

–   Liked

–   Able to provide/make money

–   Happy/ confident

•   Able to talk with authority

–   Sense of belonging

–   Knowledge of where they come from

–   Passion


•    Mother ( this was my list of desires for my children)

–   Loved

–   Kind/caring

–   Able to survive on their own

–   Happy

–   Liked

–   A good father or mother

•   Attentive to their children

•   Able to provide for their family

•   Can teach their children about God

Final draft: What I want for my children

•    My child will have a personal relationship with God.  I will teach my child facts about God and more importantly how to form a relationship with God.  When this is fulfilled:

•   He/she will have peace in the face of  all challenges

•   He/ she will be kind/caring and giving

•   They will be able to provide for their family because God will give them their daily bread

•   They will have eternal life and their eyes will be on heaven and not earth

•   They will have true wisdom that only comes from God, granting them a perspective rarely seen on earth.  This perspective will grant them improved ability to deal with life’s problems; embrace life’s joy and give them confidence.

•   They will know who they are and Whose they are.

•   They will know a love and peace that passes human understanding.

•   The Spirit of Truth will live within them their counselor, comforter and teacher.  They will never be alone.


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