Real mom moments :Grace’s ice-cream adventure

I awoke to my freezer door standing open.  I thought nothing of it.   At the time we were selling our home so my mornings consisted of getting ready three children, myself and making sure the house was spotless.  At about 15 minutes to our usual leaving time, I went back to wake up Grace.  I pulled back the covers and found 3 carry out containers of half eaten ice-cream, melted into her bed, hair and face.  She sat up in bed and her hair was straight up in the air.  She commented, “Hi mom I was hungry”.  I pulled a random t-shirt on her, put her hair in a ponytail, disguised the ice-cream with a bow and out the door we ran.  No sooner had I opened the daycare/preschool door then I discovered lights, camera and action.  You guessed it picture day!!!  When I asked Grace about her ice-cream adventure later she said,” Momma I love ice-cream”!


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